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Fiona Ní Ghliasáin

I work as a professional artist and photographer.  I am a Merrion Square Artist and display my artwork at 206 & 207 Merrion Square East at the outdoor gallery most weekends. I teach art and photography classes to Adults and Children of all abilities.   Photography products are sold online and in selected stores.

I am a member of Visual Arts Ireland & part of the Made Local campaign, which is run by The Design and Crafts Council of Ireland, to highlight and support small local artisan businesses.

I studied art and photography at Crawford College of Art and Design and Grennan Mill, Co. Kilkenny, and have first-class honors in Fine Art and Craft Design. 

I am TAP+ trained.

I am also T.E.F.E.L trained and have a JEB Diploma in Teaching Information Technology. 

The work  I create is mainly nature-based with a focus on light and vibrant colour. The inspiration comes from nature and my youth spent in the Wicklow Mountains and the stunning East Coast of Ireland.  From bog cotton to stunning skies,  the mist rolling off the bog, and the wonderful array of wild and farm animals. It invoked a sense of wonderment in me at the beauty of nature.

Over the years I have created work of animals from all over the world and have a keen interest in conservation.

Through my art and photography, I endeavor to capture the personality of the animals and natural landscapes for you to enjoy. So that nature, colour and light can fill your life and home as it has mine, bringing nature into urban spaces.

Every work of art is a unique and original design. Some of which take months to research and create.

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