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Available Art Works
artwork is displayed unframed, most pieces are sold framed. To view or inquire, please email.

abstract trees
Squirl with acorn
KingFishers - watercolour
Woodland Walk
Rainbow Parraquete_edited
Golden monkey
Dawn Reflection
Butterfly Bliss
Dawn Light on a misty mornng
deer in dawn light unframed
boy with tin can
Autumn shades abstract
American Paint-Pastel on paper
cliffs of moher
Freedom and Dicepline, Pastel on paper
High seas
Greeting the dawn ( Acrylic)
knight racing
Pegasus (PASTEL)
red october unframed
march of the elephants
section of butterfly and daisy
spring in the botanical gardens
Full Song
Summer sailing
Wild of the sea completed
view of sugarloaf from resovair
zebra grazing
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