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Henharrier inflight.png

Art is a joyous expression of oneself, drawn out for the world to see.

The artwork you will view on this website is varied in nature, as has been my own journey as a self-taught artist.

To me art is 1% fact and 99% pure imagination.


I accept commissions starting from €200 upwards.
With all commissions an upfront payment of half of the cost is to be paid on agreement of the first initial sketch, with the balance to be paid on collection of the finished work.
This initial payment is non refundable should you decide to pull out during the process, as materials and time and framing  will have been invested in at this point.
During the commission process, progress of the work will be sent to you via email for approval before continuing and you can collaborate with the artist on colour, tone and style choice. This facility will be offered  twice after initial sketch on smaller works, more on larger works of art that will take longer to produce.


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